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Achieve Precision and Efficiency with Laser Modular Counter ALFM-08 by Pharmapack

Pharmapack, a trusted manufacturer of pharmaceutical capsule counting machines, introduces the Laser Modular Counter ALFM-08. This advanced counter offers precise counting and filling capabilities for a wide range of solid granules, including pills, tablets, and capsules. With its servo material gate system, versatile size range, and compact footprint, the ALFM-08 sets a new standard for accuracy, adaptability, and space efficiency in pharmaceutical counting processes.

Servo Material Gate System: Enhanced Control and Longevity

The ALFM-08 features a servo material gate system that provides superior control and durability. With servo system control of the total material gate and small material gate, the machine offers faster and more accurate counting, ensuring compliance with cGMP requirements. The servo material gate outperforms traditional cylinder material gates, with a faster material gate closure time of just 25ms, resulting in increased speed and precision. Additionally, the longevity of the servo motor eliminates the need for frequent replacements, reducing maintenance efforts and costs.

Expanded Size Range: Meeting Diverse Counting Needs

Pharmapack understands the importance of accommodating various pharmaceutical grain sizes. With the ALFM-08, the maximum size range for counting is increased to Φ20mm, while the minimum size range is reduced to Φ1mm. This wider size range ensures that the machine can handle a broader spectrum of pharmaceutical products, meeting market demands effectively. Pharmapack’s commitment to versatility and adaptability is showcased in the ALFM-08’s ability to cater to diverse counting requirements.

Smaller Footprint: Maximizing Space Efficiency

The ALFM-08 offers a compact footprint, making optimal use of available floor space. With one four-module counter machine, such as the ALFM-32C, delivering comparable capacity to two ordinary granule counting machines (e.g., PP-12), the ALFM-08 significantly reduces the required floor space. Its smaller footprint is ideal for pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities with limited space, allowing for efficient utilization of resources without compromising on production capabilities.


Pharmapack, a leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical capsule counting machines, presents the Laser Modular Counter ALFM-08. With its servo material gate system, expanded size range, and compact footprint, this machine offers exceptional precision, adaptability, and space efficiency. By investing in the ALFM-08, pharmaceutical manufacturers can achieve accurate and efficient counting and filling processes, meeting the highest industry standards. Choose Pharmapack’s Laser Modular Counter ALFM-08 for reliable, versatile, and space-saving solutions that optimize pharmaceutical production operations.

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