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HyperStrong Liquid-Cooling Energy Storage System: HSL3C721-05015

HyperStrong introduces the HSL3C721-05015, a cutting-edge liquid cooling Energy Storage System (ESS) designed to meet the demands of modern energy storage needs. This system integrates advanced technology with robust technical specifications to deliver reliable and efficient energy solutions.


HyperStrong’s HSL3C721-05015 boasts impressive technical specifications, featuring a liquid-cooling ESS with a model number of HSL3C721-05015. It utilizes LFP-314Ah battery cells configured in 12P416S, providing a rated energy capacity of 5015.96 kWh and a rated voltage of 1331.2 V d.c. The system delivers a rated power

of 2500 kW at 25°C, with a corresponding rated AC power of 2500 kVA at the same temperature and a frequency compatibility of 50Hz/60Hz. Dimensions measure 605824382896mm (WDH), suitable for a wide range of operational environments with an operating temperature range of -30 to 55°C (> 45℃ derating). The system employs HyperStrong’s smart liquid cooling technology to optimize performance and efficiency while adhering to rigorous safety standards, including certifications such as UN38.3, IEC61000, IEC62933-5-2, IEC62619, IEC60730, IEC63056, IEC62477, UL9540A, UL9540, UL1973, and NFPA855.

Features and Benefits

HyperStrong’s HSL3C721-05015 stands out with its robust features and benefits. This system ensures high efficiency with a rated energy capacity of 5015.96 kWh and a rated power of 2500 kW, guaranteeing efficient energy utilization for various applications. HyperStrong’s smart liquid cooling technology maintains optimal operating conditions, enhancing system longevity and reliability. The system’s versatility is showcased with its wide operating temperature range of -30 to 55°C, accommodating diverse energy storage needs in different environments. Moreover, HyperStrong’s commitment to safety is evident with certifications including UN38.3, IEC, UL, and NFPA, ensuring reliable and secure operation.


The HyperStrong HSL3C721-05015 sets a new standard in liquid-cooling Energy Storage System technology, offering unparalleled efficiency, reliability, and safety. Businesses looking to optimize their energy storage solutions with advanced liquid cooling technology can rely on HyperStrong for innovative and sustainable energy solutions.

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