Pink Diamond A Real Gem

Pink diamonds are those with a pink color. Other fancy-colored diamonds, such as pink diamonds have their color due to chemical impurities. It is not clear how this color was created.

The Argyle Diamond Mine, located in Western Australia, used to be the largest source. It has since been closed after 37 years. It is also produced in Canada, Brazil, South Africa, Brazil and Russia.

The Pink Diamond is one of the most rare coloured diamonds. Due to their rarity, they are extremely rare. A carat of exceptional quality can be sold for $700,000.

What is it that makes a Pink Diamond so special?

Gemologists are still unsure of the origin of this colour. The fancy color diamonds are not affected by any color-giving defects like the other stones in their family.

Many theories have been put forward about the origin of diamond’s unique colour.

Some theories suggest that the stone was subject to extreme pressure during its production. However, seismic shocks could have had an impact on the stone’s molecular structure.

Jewellery can be made with a unique selection of gemstones such as earrings, bracelets and engagement rings.

Intensity Levels

The intensity of the colour and saturation are used to evaluate the diamond. You may find secondary or overtone colors in diamonds, such as purple, brown, and orange, along with their primary colour.

The following is the GIA’s diamond colour scale.


Weighing a tiny amount


Bright Lights, Big City


Extravagantly powerful

Affluent Vivid. Affluent Deep. Affluent Dark.

Because each fancy colour grade is a spectrum, it’s difficult to gauge its intensity. A diamond specialist will ensure you get the best price for your money.

Gems can also have a grade of 1-9 depending on their clarity. A dealer might give it a “7” because of its saturation and colour. This is the Argyle color grading scheme. The GIA grades are accepted as standard.

Setting for an Engagement Ring

Engagement rings are famous for their eye-catching colours. There are three types of engagement rings to help you make a decision.

First Style: Setting with three stones

Side stones can be added to a diamond ring whose weight is less than 0.50 carat.

Style number 2: A halo world

To highlight the best qualities of the diamond, such as its colour and size, create a halo made up of small round brilliants.

Third design strategy: Using two distinct halo settings

To bring out the best qualities of the diamond, add a second band made with smaller stones.

For a fraction of what ultra-rare gemstones cost, fancy colour diamonds can be easily obtained. Natural fancy diamonds are not possible unless you can acquire a lab-created fancy color.

Its Price

The most expensive and rarest natural diamond color is high-quality, which means they are more expensive than reds. A less intense diamond can cost as little as $10,000 or as much as $700,000. For an extremely high-quality diamond, it costs millions.

Diamonds’ size and intensity can drive up their price and value. Price can also be affected by the secondary or modifying tone of a diamond. A diamond with a purple tint will cost you less than one without a shade.

Before you start looking for diamond jewellery, set a budget. It is also important to choose the right colour intensity. There are many, but the most important deposit is in Western Australia’s Argyle Mine. Marketing campaigns have helped to increase their prices.

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