There are many places to visit near London that offer rich history, royal charm and unique settings that will make you happy. London is home to many amazing sights, including Liverpool, a vibrant city for football fans, and Cambridge which is an educational hub.

Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle has been home to British monarchs and kings for over 1000 years. It is the oldest and largest inhabited castle in the world. It is Her Majesty, the Queen’s official residence. It houses around 150 people today. Get tickets to Windsor Castle now and see the amazing artwork in the State Apartments or the Royal Collection.

There are more than 1000 rooms in the castle, as well as 300 fireplaces. The castle also has a dollhouse that Queen Mary lives in. This is the most visited area of the castle.

Alton Tower

Alton Tower is a charming place near London that offers a country vibe. Alton Towers Resort, which is situated on more than 500 acres of stunning Staffordshire countryside, features three amazing themed hotels and stargazing pods. It also includes an enchanted village with luxury treehouses.

You will find 40 rides and attractions that are great for kids at this location. This is a great place to spend a weekend near London.


Avebury is the largest prehistoric rock-circle in the world. Stonehenge is, however, the most complicated. Stonehenge is near London and is a wonderful place to learn more about the Neolithic, Bronze Age burials, ceremonial traditions, and other aspects of Stonehenge. There are also related monuments.

According to legend, Stonehenge’s giant stones were brought from Ireland by giants who then built them there using the assistance of Merlin, an Arthurian mythology wizard. According to one tradition, the stones were constructed by Dane Invaders. One theory is that the stones were once remnants from an ancient Roman temple. Stonehenge tickets can be booked now for a chance to see the standing stones circle and learn more about the construction process.

Warwick Castle

The stunning Warwick Castle is a historic landmark near London that dates back over 1000 years. It offers friends and family the best historical experience in Britain.

A year of live entertainment that includes the UK’s largest bird-of-prey display, arena jousting contests, and more than 200 events. The past is brought to life in a way that’s unlike any other. It is a wonderful place to go if you are looking for an unforgettable historical vacation.

Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace is an excellent place to visit near London. It is a great place to learn about England’s history from the 16th century through the Stuart era and the Georgian era. Henry VIII adored this well-known house at the banks of the Thames. It is home to stunning gardens and Tudor treasures. You will feel terror and excitement while you are in the Haunted Gallery. The Haunted Gallery is lined in Tudor portraits. Catherine Howard is believed have been seen walking along this wall.

The Baroque Palace is another notable feature. Here are William III and Mary I’s private apartments. They cover 24 hectares (60 acre) of land. These gardens include formal landscapes, Wilderness meadows, and the famed puzzle maze, which is one of the oldest in the world. Hampton Court Garden Festival hosts the largest annual flower festival in the world every summer.

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