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The Actual Difference between Technical SEO and On Page SEO

There are two distinct concepts of technical SEO and Onpage SEO. This article will discuss the differences between On-page and technical SEO. This is something that most people don’t know. Most people have heard only of off-page and on-page search engine optimization. You don’t need to know the basics of off-page and on-page SEO to improve your website ranking . There are many articles about on-page and off-page optimization, but we’ll be focusing on technical SEO today. Let’s look at the differences between technical SEO and on-page SEO.

What is the Difference between On-page SEO and Technical Search Engine Optimization

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is at the website level. This refers to having an XML sitemap, a robot.txt and HTTPS files. Permalink structure are also included.

This applies to the entire website. This is, for example, if your site is XML.

Technical SEO refers to any modifications made at the website or ways we optimize the website at the site level.

Search engine optimization changes can have a significant impact on the website. These are known as technical SEO changes.

XML Sitemap & Robot.txt

We all know what the XML sitemap is. Do we apply it to each page? No. XML sitemap is applied to all pages of a website. This is what Technical SEO actually does. This is technical SEO work. Robot.txt, which is also part of T-SEO, also implements an XML sitemap at website level.


Websites must be HTTPS. The redirection levels range from HTTP to HTTPS. All of these are at website level. This is technical SEO.

Mobile Responsiveness and Permalinks

We must check whether the website is mobile-responsive. Not just one page, but the entire website. T-SEO includes mobile responsiveness. This type of SEO also includes the Permalinks structure.

On Page SEO

The individual webpage is commonly known as On-page Optimization. Here page titles/descriptions and keywords in H1/keywords in content, image alt text, and internal links are included.

On-page SEO refers to the page, post or article that contains these items. Technical SEO refers to any optimization or changes made at the page level. This means that changes made to a page are not applicable to the entire site. Many times, however, we make changes at the site’s level. This means that if I make one change to a page, it will affect the entire website.

Search engine optimization changes can have a significant impact on the website. These are known as technical SEO changes.

Titles and Descriptions

Each page’s title and description will be different depending on which keywords are used, the content and which keyword we wish to rank. This is the page’s identity, not the entire website. This is part of on-page optimization.

Keywords in HTML1 & Content

When should we use keywords in H1 or keywords in content? When we’re doing on-page optimization. On-page SEO also includes alt text and internal linking. Visit Naa Songs to find out more information

Schema data

This is the most important thing that can drive traffic to your site. This is a brief introduction to schema markup. Schema markup provides search engines with data in an easy-to understand format. It allows them to find information about your website and business, such as address, URL, content, LogoDesign, task, and nature.

Google, Microsoft Bing, Yahoo, and Yahoo all promote schema data. If your site doesn’t have schema data, your site rank could drop. Schema data must be used.

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