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The Heartwarming Story Behind ROLLINGDOG: Where Passion and Inspiration Converge

The name Rollingdog holds a heartwarming story that reflects the founder’s deep connection with his loyal canine companion. David Zhang, an avid animal lover, especially dogs, found inspiration for his own brand while reminiscing about his energetic and faithful dog named Bean. Discover the touching tale behind the birth of the ROLLINGDOG brand, known for its commitment to producing high-quality paint brush sets, and how the founder’s bond with his beloved pet shaped the brand’s identity.

A Founder’s Love for Animals and Dogs

David Zhang, the founder of ROLLINGDOG, has always been an animal lover, with a particular fondness for dogs. His strong bond with his loyal and intelligent dog, Bean, played a pivotal role in the brand’s inception. David’s affection for animals, especially dogs, laid the foundation for the brand’s values of loyalty, passion, and intelligence, which are reflected in the quality and performance of ROLLINGDOG’s paint brush sets.

Bean: The Inspiration Behind the Name

In the year 2010, after running his own company focused on painting tools, David decided to create his own brand. As he pondered over a suitable name, his thoughts turned to his faithful friend, Bean. Every day, upon returning home from work, David was greeted by Bean’s exuberant excitement, as the dog would joyfully roll around on the ground. This endearing image reminded David of the smooth motion of a paint roller on a wall, and he found the perfect inspiration for his brand name—ROLLINGDOG.

 ROLLINGDOG: Where Passion Meets Quality

The ROLLINGDOG brand represents the convergence of David’s passion for animals and his commitment to producing top-quality paint brush sets. With Bean’s spirit of loyalty, passion, and intelligence as the driving force, ROLLINGDOG strives to provide paint brush manufacturers with tools that embody these qualities. Just as Bean’s energy and enthusiasm brightened David’s day, ROLLINGDOG’s paint brush sets aim to enhance the painting experience, delivering exceptional performance and reliability to professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.


The ROLLINGDOG brand carries a heartwarming story rooted in the founder’s love for animals and his beloved dog, Bean. Inspired by Bean’s joyful rolling and the smooth motion of a paint roller, David Zhang created ROLLINGDOG as a testament to loyalty, passion, and intelligence. With a commitment to producing high-quality paint brush sets, ROLLINGDOG carries forward the spirit of its namesake, bringing joy, reliability, and exceptional performance to paint brush manufacturers and enthusiasts. Choose ROLLINGDOG as your trusted companion in the world of painting, and experience the brand’s dedication to combining passion with quality.

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