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NewStar: Meeting the Demand for Tow Bar 2 Bike Racks in the US Market

The demand for reliable and versatile tow bar 2 bike racks is growing steadily in the US market. NewStar, a trusted tow bar 2 bike rack manufacturer, understands this increasing need and offers the 2Hitch Mount Bike Rack, a high-quality solution that meets the demands of customers seeking secure and convenient bicycle transportation options.

The Demand for Tow Bar 2 Bike Racks in the US Market

In the United States, there is a rising demand for tow bar 2 bike racks, driven by an increasing interest in cycling and outdoor activities. With more Americans engaging in recreational biking, as well as using bicycles for commuting and fitness purposes, the need for reliable, easy-to-use, and secure bike transportation solutions has become crucial. This demand extends to individuals, families, as well as businesses in the rental, tourism, and delivery sectors.

Meeting the Demand: 2Hitch Mount Bike Rack

NewStar’s 2Hitch Mount Bike Rack is specifically designed to meet the growing demand for reliable and secure tow bar 2 bike racks in the US market. This rack offers a versatile solution for safely transporting two bicycles, catering to the needs of individuals, families, and businesses alike. Its sturdy construction, including a 3-inch diameter U-shaped steel carry arm, ensures the durability and reliability required for long-distance travel and frequent use.

Convenience and Accessibility

The 2Hitch Mount Bike Rack from NewStar is designed with user convenience in mind. Its smart tilting and folding design allows for easy access to the vehicle’s rear compartment even when the rack is fully loaded with bikes. This feature proves invaluable for individuals who require quick and hassle-free access to their belongings during their biking adventures.

Enhanced Security and Protection

NewStar understands the importance of keeping bicycles safe and secure during transportation. The 2Hitch Mount Bike Rack is equipped with high-strength anti-sway cradles and a safety strap that prevent bike movement and minimize the risk of damage to both the bicycles and the vehicle. This ensures peace of mind for users, knowing that their valuable bikes are protected throughout the journey.


As the demand for tow bar 2 bike racks continues to rise in the US market, NewStar addresses this need with its reliable and versatile 2Hitch Mount Bike Rack. With its sturdy construction, user-friendly features, and commitment to security, NewStar provides a top-quality solution for businesses seeking efficient and secure bicycle transportation. Choose NewStar and experience the convenience and reliability of tow bar 2 bike racks today.

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