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Victoria World Academy: Empowering Students with a Singapore International School Curriculum

Victoria World Academy (VWA) is an esteemed educational institution that offers a comprehensive Singapore international school curriculum. As a leading name in education, VWA provides a holistic and enriching learning experience for students. With its commitment to academic excellence and adherence to the Singapore curriculum, VWA has emerged as a preferred choice for families seeking a top-quality international education in Singapore.

Adherence to the Singapore Curriculum

At Victoria World Academy, the school follows the renowned Singapore curriculum, renowned for its rigorous and well-structured approach to education. The curriculum emphasizes strong foundations in core subjects such as mathematics, science, languages, and the humanities. By adhering to the Singapore international school curriculum, VWA ensures that students receive a high-quality education that prepares them for future academic pursuits and equips them with essential critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Experiential and Inquiry-based Learning

Victoria World Academy embraces experiential and inquiry-based learning methodologies, which are integral parts of the Singapore curriculum. Through hands-on activities, projects, and real-world applications, VWA encourages students to actively engage with their learning. This approach fosters curiosity, creativity, and a deep understanding of concepts, enabling students to become independent and lifelong learners.


Victoria World Academy stands as a premier educational institution in Singapore, offering a Singapore international school curriculum that empowers students with a well-rounded education. By adhering to the Singapore curriculum, implementing experiential and inquiry-based learning, and providing an engaging learning environment, VWA equips students with the knowledge, skills, and values necessary for success. With its commitment to academic excellence and holistic development, Victoria World Academy prepares students for a bright future and positions them to excel in their academic and personal endeavors.

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