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Enhanced Monitoring with Advanced Technology Of Accurate Foetal Heart Rate Monitoring

Accurate, a trusted name in medical devices, proudly presents the Accurate Fetal Heart Rate Monitor, equipped with advanced technology to provide enhanced monitoring of fetal heart rate. Their state-of-the-art monitor offers a range of features designed to ensure accurate and reliable monitoring throughout the pregnancy journey.

Clear and Audible Fetal Heart Sound with Built-In Speaker

Immerse yourself in the experience of monitoring your baby’s heart rate with their Accurate Fetal Heart Rate Monitor. The built-in speaker delivers clear and audible fetal heart sounds, allowing you to bond with your unborn baby. Adjust the volume to your preference, creating a personalized listening experience that enhances the joy of pregnancy.

Ultra-Low Power Consumption for Continuous Monitoring

With ultra-low power consumption, their Fetal Heart Rate Monitor offers prolonged battery life, ensuring continuous monitoring without the need for frequent charging. You can trust that your monitoring sessions will be reliable and uninterrupted, providing peace of mind throughout your pregnancy.

Convenient Connectivity and Compatibility with Cellphones

Stay connected and monitor your baby’s heart rate anywhere, anytime with the convenient connectivity of their Accurate Fetal Heart Rate Monitor. Seamlessly connect the monitor to your cellphone, enabling easy data transfer and real-time monitoring. Their pluggable USB probe ensures flexible and hassle-free connectivity, making the monitoring process effortless and convenient.

Accurate understands the importance of customization to meet unique business requirements. That’s why they offer OEM and ODM services, providing tailored solutions for their partners. Collaborate with them to integrate your branding and develop a customized fetal heart rate monitor. As a trusted partner, they ensure that the final product aligns with your specific needs and meets the highest quality standards.


In conclusion, the Accurate Fetal Heart Rate Monitor combines advanced technology with user-friendly features for enhanced monitoring. With clear and audible fetal heart sounds, ultra-low power consumption, and convenient connectivity to cellphones, Accurate provides a reliable and immersive monitoring experience. Choose Accurate for accurate and advanced fetal heart rate monitoring throughout your pregnancy journey. Contact them today to discuss their OEM and ODM services and discover how they can meet your business needs.

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